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I Won't Drive Without It! A Simple Device Saves Millions of Drivers From Claims

Andrew JonesMarch 26, 2024

A car crash happens about every 5 seconds in the US! That number means approximately 20 every minute, and 6 million every year.

Let's face it: While you may do your part as a responsible driver, and pride that "I drive safe and have a perfect record", the same can't be said for everyone else on the road.

Reckless, novice, and bad drivers are everywhere! There is no place to hide!

Unfortunately, you could be a VICTIM in a head-on collision, rear-ending accident, or side collision, even if you drive safely and abide by the traffic laws. Not to mention those shameless "cash for crash" scams! But that's even not the worst coming to face…

In fact, if you can't prove it wasn't your fault, most insurance companies will increase your rates by around 53% after an accident. You are the victim, yet still, you have to pay.

That's Why This Affordable Device Has Becomes A Must-Have For Drivers.

Millions of drivers are turning to a reliable device to prove to insurance companies and law enforcement that they weren't at fault, and secure their on-road journey with real-time evidence.

With car accidents, costly insurance claims, theft, vandalism, and unjust traffic tickets on the rise, this device has quickly become the most sought-after driving security device of this year. 

So, What Is It?

It is Shirem, a dash cam that has revolutionized the look at safety on the road as well as the handling of accidents. Or, specifically, how we keep ourselves safe by collecting crucial evidence when we need it most.

Thanks to it, more and more innocent drivers are finally able to stay out of trouble as it provides real-time, efficient, straight-to-the-point proof in case of an accident. 

The amazing features have earned it raving praise from auto publications who call it the most cutting-edge driving product of our time.

Shirem Dash Cam was developed by a team of engineers from Silicon Valley, San Francisco. "We all know how frustrating it is when car accidents happen. And when there is no strong physical evidence to prove your innocence, you have to pay an extra $1,000! That's why we developed Shirem, this dash cam can help you avoid these messy situations. It's all about using technology to make up for our human shortcomings."

Over the past few years, dash cameras have become increasingly popular, but not all of them live up to the hype.

The team recognized this and noticed that despite having dash camera footage, many accidents were still being disputed due to shortcomings, such as limited-angle coverage and poor night recording quality. 

To tackle this problem head-on, they upgraded their device, enhancing its capabilities with a wider angle lens and improved night vision technology.

Based on driver feedback, they also included an IR cabin camera to record what's happening inside the cabin and behind the car, offering a more complete recording setup.

Ever since it was accessible, Shirem has received 5-star reviews from car owners, professional drivers, and officials all around the world.

How Does Shirem Give You The Best Protection On The Road?

Shirem is your trusty co-pilot, mounting seamlessly to the windshield of your car and recording everything automatically in a 1080P resolution.

Thanks to its 310° dual wide-angle lens(Front 170°+ Inside 140°) and advanced image technology with enhanced night vision, Shirem captures real-time images with precise timestamps, giving you indisputable evidence to prove your innocence.

The 24-hour parking mode provides extra security. When activated, the dash camera remains on standby even when not recording. If there's a minor collision while parked, it automatically starts recording, ensuring you have a record of the incident. 

And it only takes you 10 seconds to set up and use!

Just mount Shirem on your car's windshield and you are ready to go! Enjoy complete peace of mind while driving or parked.

This compact dash cam can be fixed through a suction cup, making it extremely portable.

The Best part? Drivers can have footage of both the interior and exterior of the car at the same time adding more credibility. 

The camera can rotate 360°, capturing a panoramic view of the car cabin and passengers! You can even use it to make great vlogs and road trip videos with your passengers!

What Makes Shirem Stand Out?

Shirem Dash Cam stands out thanks to its top-notch materials, high-quality construction, and premium features. Here are people's favorites:

Dual Cameras & 310° Wide Angle: One for the front (170-degree view) and one for the interior (140-degree view), with the interior camera being adjustable up to 360 degrees.

1080P Resolution& Wide View Angle: Provides outstanding Full HD image quality with a broader field of vision. Minimizes blind spots and leaves no room for doubt.

WDR Night Vision & IR Cabin Video: Wide dynamic range technology ensures clear image capture in low-light conditions, while auto IR light enhances the clarity of cabin interior videos.

3.16" Screen: Check playback easier and discreetly capture video without obstructing your view. The car's interior and exterior video can be displayed simultaneously in real-time.

Loop Recording: Continuous loop recording ensures you always have enough storage.

Built-In G-Sensor: The camera can detect sudden shakes or collisions, automatically locking the footage, ensuring that crucial evidence is preserved both while driving and during parking incidents.

24-Hour Recording: Continue recording videos at low frames per second (FPS) after you shut down your car to protect your property even when the car is not in motion, without using excessive SD card storage space.

✅Easy to Install and Use: Anyone can install Shirem easily without tools.

One thing is for certain, once you try Shirem Dash Cam, you will NEVER want to get behind the wheel of a car without it. The experience is unbelievable, give it a try and experience it for yourself!

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5-Star Reviews From Happy Users:

"Excellent quality, high-definition videos, easy to install and use. I've had it for about a month and finally dedicated to buying the piece I needed to connect the SD to my MacBook. Saw someone about to finish Snatc Works great! Great product for the price."

"My job requires lots of big cities driving so a dash cam is a must-have. I was impressed and surprised by the video quality, especially for night driving. Hard to beat this unit for the price point. The only feature missing from this camera compared to a higher price model is GPS."

"I was recently rear-ended, totaling my car. This camera recorded a high quality video that clearly showed the other driver at fault. I was happy with his insurance company's  handling of the situation to the tune of covering all of my chiropractor bills that resulted from the wreck as well as extra monetary compensation."

How to Get My Shirem?

Typical dash cameras can cost between $300 and $800 or more, so you might assume Shirem falls within this range.

Here's the surprise: Shirem is priced at just $99.99, well below what you'd expect!

Do you know what's better? Right now it's at a promotional discount of 50% OFF! You can get yours for only $49.99! A jaw-dropping offer that will not last long.

And the more you buy, the more you save!

That's a small price to pay for a brand-new, high-end driving security device, so you'll always have the evidence you need to stay out of trouble.  

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Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Absolutely! Shirem could save you literally hundreds of dollars in insurance plus a ton of headaches!

Don't wait any longer—seize the opportunity to get Shirem now before this discount disappears. It's flying off the shelves, and once you experience it, you'll understand why millions of car owners have already secured theirs!

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